Introducing young people to sailing. Teaching them so much more.

The RYA OnBoard programme offers young people the opportunity to try out sailing and windsurfing through their local club or centre in a safe, structured and fun environment. 

About RYA OnBoard

Open to anyone aged 8-18, the programme enables those taking part to experience all the excitement and relaxation that being on the water offers, whilst at the same time teaching them a wide range of invaluable life skills, from problem solving to leadership and teamwork.

Sailing and windsurfing compliment the school curriculum in important subject areas too, but the programme’s emphasis is on enjoyment and fun for all those involved.

Since launching in 2005, OnBoard has seen well over half a million young people try out sailing and windsurfing and learn an activity that in many cases stays with them for life.

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Sounds good doesn't it - get in touch and get out on the water!

If your school, or youth group, wants to come and try sailing at an RYA approved sailing centre with all the necessary equipment provided then why not get in touch with Trevor Mapleston, our RYA Senior Instructor and club training principal.

OnBoard at GSC

In 2017 Girton Sailing club hosted both John Blow (Collingham) and Winthorpe primary schools for onBoard sessions run after school.

The sessions were a roaring success - as the comments below will tell you...

From Winthorpe Primary School

"I loved the sailing it was fantastic. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped me. I couldn’t believe how much fun it could be." - Imogen

"I am sad that it was for only six weeks. My favourite part was being on the lake, we had great fun." - Forest

"Schools should so sailing more often. I really enjoyed doing it after the hard work before. The fact that it was practical was the best. I want to continue with the sailing. Thank you for helping me and being patient." - Hayden

"Sailing was in my top 3 things that I have done at school. I loved toppling over and getting wet." - Isabelle

"I loved every second of it. I worked hard on my skills and was able to go by myself. Working the sail was the most difficult part. Thank you for the experience." - Tilly

"Wow! Loved all of it, sad that it has finished. Thank you for making it the best 6 weeks ever." - Aimee

From John Blow (Collingham)

"Girton Sailing Club is the closest place to have fun and not only that it is a very fun activity to do.  I will recommend it to any sailing lovers.  Go and try it out because you will have the time of your life on the water" - Henry

"Sailing Club was a 6 week course for Years 5 and 6.  For the first week, we went out with an instructor in a big boat to learn how to use the rudder correctly.  The next week we went out in pairs to try and master the rudder and mainsail by ourselves.  It has been a great experience and given the opportunity, I would definitely do it again!" - Eddy